Skin Therapy


Take control of your skin

Advanced formula | Bio-compatible | Easy to use

Stop letting the discomfort of irritation or a rash control your life. Designed to help provide relief to damaged skin, Puracyn Skin Therapy offers a safe, more natural way of healing. Harness the effectiveness of a clinical-grade solution in the comfort of your own home.

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“I have been getting these red, dry spots on my hands and arms that are very uncomfortable. I’ve used Skin Therapy for a few days, and I feel like the spots haven’t been as itchy, plus they also appear to be healing.”
- Susan B.
Utilizes advanced HOCl technology designed to help the body heal the way it was designed
Safe for all ages and on any area of the body
Steroid-free, antibiotic-free, alcohol-free
Clinically proven and dermatologist recommended 
Clinically proven and doctor recommended
Awarded Seal of Approval by the National Eczema Association
Directions for use

Clean area with mild cleanser.
For best results, use with Puracyn Wound & Skin Repair


Apply Skin Therapy hydrogel direct onto affected area (or apply with a cotton ball or pad)


After the hydrogel has been able to sit for 15 seconds or longer, apply moisturizing lotion or balm if needed

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