First Aid Wound & Skin Repair


Scientifically advanced wound care

Bio-compatible | Gentle | Multi-purpose

We have news for you – wound care products don’t need to burn to know they’re working. Replace those old, toxic cleansers that kill healthy skin cells with Puracyn First Aid Wound & Skin Repair. It’s time to raise our expectations for at-home first aid care.

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After falling on an electric scooter, both my hands had road rash all over them. I used Puracyn First Aid Wound & Skin Repair to clean out the dirt and debris immediately after the incident, then continued using the product every day whenever I'd change the bandage. Just after a week, the wounds had pretty much healed.
- Michelle S.
Optimal wound care solution and an essential for every medicine cabinet
Utilizes advanced HOCl technology developed to help the body heal the way it was designed
Safe for all ages and on any area of the body
Non-toxic, alcohol-free, antibiotic-free, steroid-free
Clinically proven and doctor recommended
Directions for use
Thoroughly spray Puracyn First Aid Wound & Skin Repair directly onto the affected skin to wash away debris or contaminants. You may also spray Puracyn onto a cotton ball or pad to help clean the area. Then, allow Puracyn to air dry or apply a sterile bandage to help protect the damaged skin.
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