Eyelid & Lash Care


Essential eyelid relief

Cost effective | Medical grade | Safe

Puracyn Eyelid & Lash Care is a hypochlorous-based technology to cleanse the eyelids and lashes safely. Harness the strength of a clinically proven formula in one simple-to-buy, easy-to-use bottle. With over 500 sprays in every 3-ounce bottle, you get 3x the product for way less money than the leading competitors.

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“Puracyn Eyelid & Lash Care seems to work better than the competitor product I typically used. I also like that you’re getting 3 ounces instead of 2, which makes it a better deal”
- A Happy Customer
FDA-cleared, bio-compatible technology for everyday eyelid and lash cleaning
Made by the leaders in hypochlorous-based technologies
Recommended by ophthalmologists as a safe and effective solution
Safe for daily use with fast onset of action
Soothing, non-toxic, alcohol-free formulation
Directions for use
For best results, apply twice daily

Wash your hands and remove any make-up around both eyes


Spray Eyelid & Lash Care directly onto a cotton pad until moistened


Thoroughly and gently wipe the eyelid and lashes

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