Clinically tested, FDA-cleared,
science-based technology

Why Puracyn?

Multifunctional, gentle, and it just works

We utilize simple yet effective ingredients to create products that work on a wide range of minor dermatological ailments. Puracyn’s easy-to-use, safe solutions are clinically proven and help support the body’s natural healing process.

The safety profile of Puracyn allows you to use it daily, on any part of your skin, without worries of stinging or drying that is associated with traditional over-the-counter skin repair products.

Limited ingredient skincare

We’ve eliminated all unnecessary and potentially harmful fragrances, parabens, steroids and antibiotics, petroleum and oils, alcohol, and other toxic chemicals from all our products. As a result, Puracyn only contains essential ingredients for hassle-free, no-nonsense skincare.

A different kind of natural

Welcome to the new generation of healing. Your body’s white blood cells produce hypochlorous in response to injury. We use bio-compatible ingredients and a proprietary manufacturing process to replicate that same hypochlorous molecule in Puracyn. Because of this, the hypochlorous within our products provide a more natural kind of relief and promote healing.

The Puracyn difference

Puracyn is proudly made in the USA by Innovacyn, Inc who 
is elevating the standards in hypochlorous manufacturing. Family-owned and operated, we have a dedication to improving livelihoods around the world. We focus our efforts on consistently developing innovative solutions backed by scientific research. So when you purchase Puracyn, you can rely on a product that meets the highest standards for quality.

We place a high value on our customers’ experience and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee promise.

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