Beauty Aftercare


The best aftercare solution for skin following esthetic procedures

Advanced Formulation | Bio-compatible | Soothing

Beauty Aftercare by Puracyn provides quick, soothing relief for minor abrasions and minor skin irritation following various esthetic procedures, including:

  • Waxing or laser hair removal
  • Microblading or nano-needling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • And so much more
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"Beauty Aftercare by Puracyn gives the esthetics community a whole new way to maximize outcomes post-procedure in a clinically proven, yet natural way."
- Carrie Clifford-Bennet APRN, MSN, ANP-C
Clinically proven, bio-compatible technology used by estheticians
Enhances skin’s overall health and vitality
pH-balanced and safe to use on all areas of the body, including acne-prone or sensitive skin
Non-toxic, steroid-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free
FDA-cleared and dermatologist recommended
Directions for use

Clean area with mild cleanser.
For best results, use with Puracyn Wound & Skin Repair


Apply Beauty Aftercare hydrogel direct onto affected area (or apply with a cotton ball or pad)


If the skin needs additional moisture, after letting hydrogel sit on skin for 15 seconds you can use a fragrance-free lotion

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